From Seedling To Blossom is proud to offer FirstPlay   Therapy for ages 0-6, Play Therapy for ages 3-12 and approaches that engage adolescents ages 12-18 and adults as well. 

We offer:

  • Individual therapy:  50-60 minute sessions one-on-one.
  • Family therapy:  50-60 minute sessions with family, including all or just some family members.
  • Group therapy:  50-60 minute sessions with a small group of people who meet regularly to discuss their challenges with each other and the therapist. Four our current schedule of therapy groups, click here.
  • Filial (parent-child):  50-60 minute sessions with child and one parent/caregiver.
  • Parent education:  45-60 minute sessions one-on-one or in group to understand child development needs and uniqueness, as well as parental roles and responsibilities, and to learn strategies and tools for positive outcomes for both parent and child. For our currents schedule of parent education groups, click here.
  • Advocacy:  tailored to individual needs, including support, recommendations, representation as per need.
  • Workshops:  60-90 minute sessions to learn about and discuss a mental health related topic in small groups. For details on our upcoming workshop, click here.
  • Training:  45-60 minute sessions with a small group of people who seek to improve a variety of aspects of their lives and self. For details on our upcoming training, click here.
  • Speaking engagements:  a 90-120 minute educational talk about a given mental health related topic. Please contact us via email or phone to book us for a lecture.

Our Services

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