Our Services

From Seedling To Blossom is proud to offer FirstPlay   Therapy for ages 0-6, Play Therapy for ages 3-12 and approaches that engage adolescents ages 12-18 and adults as well. 

We offer:

  • Individual therapy: 55- minute sessions one-on-one
  • Family therapy: 55- minute sessions with family, including all or just some family members
  • Group therapy: 55- minute sessions for a small group of people who meet regularly to discuss a topic
  • Filial therapy: 55-minute sessions for a child and one caregiver
  • Parent education: 55- minute sessions with parent to discuss parenting skills, tools, and strategies
  • Advocacy: tailored to individual needs, including support, recommendations, representation as per need
  • Workshops: 60-90- minute sessions to learn about and discuss a mental health related topic in a small group
  • Speaking engagements: 90-120- minute educational talk about a mental health related topic. Please contact us via email to book us for a speaking engagement

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