EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR?

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Source: EMDR International Association. Introduction to EMDR Therapy. YouTube, 5 Sept. 2019, youtu.be/Pkfln-ZtWeY

EMDR is offered in two formats:


  • Weekly 60 minute sessions: Traditional weekly one hour sessions.

  • Weekly 90 minute sessions: The formal EMDR protocol is based on 90 minutes, and is very effective with this length of time. Clients who wish to use their Insurance for 90 minute EMDR sessions, the first 60 minutes are submitted to insurance and the extra 30 minutes are supplemented as self- pay.


The traditional model of an hour per week psychotherapy is shifting to meet your needs. You can now schedule highly concentrated sessions to expedite treatment results, accommodate your busy schedule, or allow you to receive EMDR treatment if you arrive from out of town or out of state. Whether it is several hours, half a day, a full day or several consecutive days, EMDR Intensive Therapy offers you the opportunity to condense your therapeutic experience and progress into a shorter time period. As sessions are highly concentrated and highly focused, they are also more cost effective.