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Cool to Care

From Seedling To Blossom is excited to announce to have partnered with Bob’s Twists and Shakes to offers Cool To Care as a community outreach program that hopes to impact many lives with a small act of kindness in response to a small act of kindness. Any child or teen (up to 18 years of age) may be reported to Cool To Care by an adult (over 18 years of age) who witnesses the child/ teen notice and tend to someone in need, such as -but not limited to- sit with someone always sitting alone at the lunch, stand up for someone, care for someone in need, or do the right thing even if that is the hard thing to do.

Working with children and teens we are aware that unsurmountable anxiety and trauma is seeping into childhood and the teen years, due to the wrongs of our society. Meanwhile, acts of kindness often go unnoticed in the media. This gets even worse for some kids/ teens who would get feedback from adults only if there is a mistake to be corrected; they did something wrong, or got into trouble.


Cool To Care emerged from our desire to bring about change, and acknowledge and reward the good children and teens do for others. It is our hope that being noticed for their acts of kindness will not only encourage them to continue being caring individuals as they grow up, but will also create a positive force in our community which will help us see the good in each other.


Once we receive an adult’s brief report on a child/ teen being there for someone in need, we will issue a certificate for a free soft-serve ice cream at Bob’s Twists and Shakes for the child/ teen.


To report an act of kindness, please feel out the form below. Please be sure to leave an email contact that will -at least indirectly- reach the child/teen, so we may issue the certificate. The certificate will be valid only with child’s first name and certificate number, redeemable at Bob’s Twists and Shakes only.

Report an Act of Kindness:

Thanks for submitting!

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