Caught between childhood and adulthood, adolescents are often confused and conflicted with the changes within and around them. This phase of life is often hallmarked by heightened emotions, the search of self-identity, pursuit of belonging, and -of course- ‘becoming’. In the midst of this all is often a teen who has many questions, but no ability or willingness to reach out and ask for guidance, or maybe a teen who does not want to open up to family at all.

We believe in the importance of mental health support and the need for therapy in the teen ages, as we believe that adolescence is the time to establish and refine values and boundaries, define self-identity, and begin with goal setting and self- motivation. Whatever the conditioning of childhood, this is a great time to work on self, process negative experiences and emotions if needed, and move forward in life with a positive self- image and firm, unshakable belief in self.

We offer highly individualized services to teens that support each and every teen according to their emotional needs and personalities in mind.

Adolescent Therapy

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