Our services are guided by the vision that in each person there is a seed of great potential, which will grow and blossom when provided with individualized support for life’s challenges. Unfortunately, today’s society presents with a wide range of challenges that can impact anyone, regardless of age, or any other demographics. Some might face setbacks at home, others might struggle with school or work, have difficulties in social situations, are distressed by a traumatic event, or by the loss of a loved one.

These shadows overwhelm not only the individual, but often their families or immediate environment as well. The individualized support of a trained, professional therapist who understands not only the individual, but also the complex dynamics of families, academic, vocational, or social settings, can make a world of a difference and empower to reach full potential.

Services offered at From Seedling To Blossom LLC are:

We are located in Venice, Florida and accept all major insurance plans, including Medicaid and

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